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Archangel Michael

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” – Michelangelo

Archangel Michael: means “He who is like God”. Michael is the Archangel of protection, guidance and strength.
Helps with: Protection, direction, self-esteem, motivation, courage, commitment, faith, energy, vitality, life’s purpose, and releasing fear.
Color Vibration: Brilliant Blue
Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli
Invocation: I invoke the blue light of Archangel Michael to surround me and protect me from any negative energy or entities seen or unseen. I ask that I be a channel of divine love and healing to everyone I cross paths with. I ask for courage, strength and faith so that I may walk this earth with an open heart and an open mind. Thank you for the true and perfect guidance that surrounds me each and every moment … and so it is!

Visualization: As I invoke Archangel Michael, I visualize a sapphire blue bubble – like an energy field completely surrounding me. I imagine myself completely embraced by this beautiful brilliant energy, and as I do, I know that I am completely surrounded and protected from any negative energy.

Personal Experience: I was first introduced to the powerful energy of Archangel Michael at the age of thirteen. This experience changed my life forever and connected me to the angelic realm in amazing and incredible ways. It happened in the spring of 1984. My brother Shad, five years old at the time, was born with intuitive gifts, just as I was. His intuitive gift was sight (clairvoyance), and he was able to see the Spirit world. He could see Angels and therefore befriended many of them. I, on the other hand, was clairsentient.

I could feel the presence of the Angels, but I could not see them. Angels come in a form that you believe to be true, so my brother saw them as brightly colored triangles, squares, and circles with wings. Shad played with his “friends,” as he referred to them, and they accompanied him wherever he went. Often I’d feel impatient as I waited for them to get into the car. Sometimes I’d close the door of the car just to see what would happen, and Shad would yell at me because they were not all in yet. We’d bicker at the grocery store because we had to wait for his “friends” to get into the shopping cart. Shad talked about how much he loved them and how they were always with him. They just annoyed me and added to the frustrations of my life.

My parents were struggling with money, and many arguments could be heard throughout our household. The energy in our home was heavy. One evening, my parents asked me to baby-sit Shad so that they could go to dinner. This was my first time watching him by myself, and I was up for the challenge. As my brother was hanging out with his “friends,” I started to feel this heaviness in my body. It kind of freaked me out. At the same time, Shad began crying because his colorful friends had disappeared, and he now saw friends with scary faces. Tears streamed down his face as he described the wingless black, brown, and green shapes. We were both scared, and I didn’t know what to do, so I asked for help. I prayed that we would be okay, and I took my brother’s hand and walked to the back of the house.

We sat against a brick wall so nothing could get behind us. This happened before cell phones or pagers were around, so our only choice was to wait it out. Four hours passed and finally my parents came home. I was relieved to see them, and I demanded that they do something to make these scary feelings go away. Mom assured me that she would call her psychic friend Leo in the morning and ask her to come over and do a clearing and blessing on the house. Needless to say, that evening my brother and I slept with our parents. Leo arrived in the morning. As she entered our house, she could see and feel the heaviness. She explained that she would say a prayer of protection and ask the Angels to clear the negative energy.

When I heard that, the skeptic in me came out. I had a hard time believing that a prayer and simple request would get them to leave. My prayer had not worked the night before, so why should this one? Since I was living under my parents’ roof, I really had no other choice but to give it a try. I followed Leo and my mother into the foyer of our house. As we walked along the hall, I saw Shad outside riding his Big Wheel up and down the sidewalk. As I watched his playful spirit, Leo explained that she was going to invoke Archangel Michael and ask him to protect the home and release the negative energy. It sounded good, but I did not believe it.

We entered the foyer, and Leo asked me and my mom to hold hands with her and each other, stand in a circle, and close our eyes. I kept one eye open because, being a skeptic at heart, I needed some validation. I thought to myself, show me a sign, a flash of light, a sudden drop in temperature, a loud noise, something. Show me “something” that will make me believe that this is all real. My thoughts were interrupted by the strength of Leo’s voice. She said, “I invoke the blue light of Archangel Michael to surround and protect this home from any negative energy or entities, seen or unseen . . . and so it is!” That was it. That was the prayer. I didn’t see anything. There was no flash of light, no sudden drop in temperature, no loud noise, nothing.

I didn’t feel anything except frustration and doubt. My mom, however, experienced chills up and down her body. She exclaimed, “Wow, it already feels so much clearer and lighter in here.” I rolled my eyes and started to walk away. As I entered the living room, Shad came running through the front door. As my eyes met his, I was taken aback by the expression on his face. With both eyes wide open, he excitedly said, “Mommy, there is great big blue bubble around our house!” I looked at him, then my mom, then Leo. In that moment, I had received the validation I was looking for through the eyes of my brother Shad. That moment changed who I would become.

As soon as you intend, invoke, call in, invite, or request the Archangels’ presence, they are there! They are there whether you recognize them or not. In my experience, I was so wrapped up in wanting physical proof that I missed the gift of “feeling” Archangel Michael’s presence. This experience taught me to stay open to the way in which the Angels’ messages come through to me. I promised myself that I would not try to control or dictate the way in which they came. If you are a natural feeler, as I was, and you want to “see” your Angels, you might be disappointed. Accepting your own natural intuitive gifts unlocks the door to all the others. However, if you want an experience that is outside your own natural gifts, then oftentimes the validation and gift are missed. By staying open and receptive, you allow your Angels to communicate with you easily and often.

Value of the Experience: When you invoke the Archangels, they are there immediately, regardless of what your physical senses may observe. Trust that when you ask, it is given, and when you invoke, they are present.

EXERCISE – Archangel Michael – Blue Bubble – Invocation/Prayer of Protection

To experience Michael’s energy, it is important to learn to protect and maintain your own energy. Throughout this online course, every morning before you get out of bed, I’d like you to use the Invocation and/or visualization of Archangel Michael above. Take time to ground your energy, and connect with Mother Earth and your physical body through your feet; then connect with the white light energy of Spirit through your crown. Finally, step into the vibration of Archangel Michael by visualizing a giant energy field, almost a bubble-type of energy in front of you. Once you can see, feel or know that this blue vibrating energy is just before you, I’d like you to imagine stepping into it, so that it completely surrounds your entire physical body. As you allow this to happen, take a deep breath in, and simply know that you are now protected by the energy of Archangel Michael.

Below I have included the full audio version of the meditations that I personally say each day, so that you can not only read it in the mornings, but you can actually listen to the guided meditation as well.

There are three parts to this meditation:


THE INVOCATION – 4 minutes


Please take the time to do the audio portion of this mediation at least 4 times this week, to really experience the energy of Archangel Michael and his power.

At the end of each day, journal any of the experiences that you might have had in which Archangel Michael was giving you a message, showing you a sign, helping you hold your own energy, protecting you from a situation, guiding or directing you, offering clarity of your life’s purpose, etc.

This is the time for you to really look at all of the “little” things that happen in your life and recognize how truly BIG they really are: YOUR ANGELS ARE TALKING TO YOU!

Download the Archangel Michael: Maintain Your Energy 33-Day Guidebook

As an added bonus, I’d like to offer you a downloadable PDF version of my bestselling book, Archangel Michael: Maintain Your Energy – A 33-Day Guidebook. You are welcome to download and print this Guidebook to use as a journal as you work through this course. Simply click on the link below to get your copy. Enjoy!

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