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Archangel Raphael

“There isn’t a valley so low that an ANGEL can’t carry you through it.” – Unknown


Archangel Raphael: means “God heals or God has healed”. Raphael is the Archangel of Healing.

Helps with: Eliminating or reducing addictions and cravings, healing on all levels, guidance and support for healers, physical and spiritual eyesight, clairvoyance, and finding lost pets.

Color Vibration: Green

Gemstone: Jade or Aventurine

Invocation: I ask Archangel Raphael to surround me in his healing vibration of emerald green light. I am in need of healing at this time and I ask that you infuse me with your healing energy. Please surround me and fill me with health, well-being and wholeness. Help me to heal any wounds – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – from the past or present. Heal and restore every aspect of my being for the highest good of all … and so it is!

Visualization: As I invoke Archangel Raphael’s energy, I see the emerald green energy completely surround my body. I feel this energy moving within me and I affirm that I am healthy and whole and that well-being is my divine birthright.

Personal Experience: The loving healing energy of Archangel Raphael saved my life. Yes, I said, saved my life. Raphael stood beside me as my most challenging physical healing occurred twenty-one years ago. This physical healing began with my pregnancy at the age of eighteen. I had not planned to have a baby, not ever. Thoughts of an abortion crossed my mind, and I was even encouraged to have one, but when faced with the decision, I could not do it. At some deep level, I knew I was meant to have the baby, even though on the surface, I felt it was not right. So, at age eighteen, I found myself pregnant and in a relationship with someone who drank daily, and, as you might expect, this posed many challenges. The energy that was present in our relationship was also fueled by lack: lack of money, lack of self-esteem, and lack of self-worth. This kind of energy is very heavy, and because I was not protecting my own energy, I suffered.

On an energetic level, I was getting weaker and weaker, and the heaviness began to take a toll on me physically, mentally, and emotionally. During the fourth month of my pregnancy, I developed severe toxemia, which eventually led to eclampsia: pregnancy-induced high blood pressure. The doctors prescribed strong medication for the high blood pressure and recommended complete bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. And when I say complete bed rest, I mean complete bed rest. The only time I could get out of bed was to use the restroom or to go to my doctor’s appointments, which were every other day. My child and I were at severe risk for seizures and liver and kidney damage, and the doctors felt bed rest would help minimize those complications. Bed rest did not sit very well with me; I am an Aries and like to go, go, go.

However, something inside me knew. I could hear this whisper of a voice within me, offering to help, but I refused to allow it. I didn’t believe I deserved help. I’d made a big mistake, and this was my punishment. All my critical thinking could say was, “Sunny, you have been a very bad girl, and because of it, you now have six months to lie in this bed and think about it. You have all morning, afternoon, and evening to think about what you might have done differently.” I felt guilty, ashamed, embarrassed, humiliated, stupid, and many other negative vibrations. It was these feelings that created the toxicity in my mind that eventually manifested in my body.

Today, I am very aware of how my thoughts create; but back then, all I could recognize was that I felt scared. For the next six months, these toxic feelings continued. I alternated between feelings of depression, rage, frustration, and boredom. I cried during the times in which I had the courage to acknowledge my situation. Thoughts of “How did I end up here?” and “Why me?” frequently attacked my mind. My thoughts were just as toxic as my body, and I continued to exist in this environment for an additional two weeks past my due date. Finally, the doctors induced labor and during my twenty-sixth hour of labor, I had a mild stroke. Time was of the essence, so the doctors performed an emergency C-section; several minutes later, my son was born. I was not able to see him take his first breath since I was unconscious, but the minute I awoke, I felt pure joy as the nurse placed this beautiful baby boy in my arms.

We had both made it through the hard part — at least that is what I thought. Three days after my son’s birth, I developed a low-grade fever. I was feeling out of sorts and not recovering the way I should. Within hours, the low-grade fever turned into a high-grade fever of 106 degrees. I broke out in hives all over my upper body, and the doctors discovered that I was oozing pus from my incision. They were uncertain of the source of the infection, so they decided to go back in surgically to see if a sponge or instrument had been left inside; however, they found nothing. They had no explanation for the infection that ran rampant in my body.

I was in severe physical pain, as well as emotional pain. I had seen my son for only a brief amount of time, and he was now at home and being cared for by my parents. I could not see him again because the doctors feared that I was contagious. I felt very alone . . . yet I still did not listen to that whisper of a voice within. I knew I could ask my Angels for help and healing; and, because of past experiences, I did believe they could help me. But I did not feel deserving, and that lack of worthiness kept me from asking. So I continued on in pain and in resistance of the spiritual guidance that was inside me.

Much of the time that I was in the hospital, I was detached from my physical body. It was such a painful place to be, that the only way I found relief was to check out. I remember floating above my body and watching the nurses scrub the infection that had taken over my lower torso and upper thighs. Not many friends or family came to visit. I was very lonely and afraid, and I didn’t want to die. How could I get through this all by myself? The doctors continued to search for answers to the mysterious infection. They pumped me full of double and triple doses of antibiotics and performed an additional surgery to see if the source could be viewed from inside. Nothing! The 106-degree fever persisted, and I was getting weaker and weaker.

The doctors finally admitted that they could do nothing to help me and asked me to sign away the rights to my son. They did not know how much longer I would live. Upon hearing those words, I felt stunned and shocked. My mind began racing. All I did was have a baby. I was young and healthy, and all I did was have a baby. How could my life be ending? I couldn’t believe it. I refused to believe it. Now it was time, and I began to ask for help as I turned to that whisper of a voice within. On the eve of Mother’s Day, I heard that voice within say, “I am Archangel Raphael, and I want you to call everyone you know and ask them to pray for you. Ask them to pray in whatever form of religion or belief system they have.” So, I called everyone I knew and asked them to pray for me.

I had decided that I wanted to live, and I wanted to see my child again. I spent many hours on the telephone, asking and trusting that each person I talked with would be there for me, supporting and holding the vision of wholeness. Twelve hours later (and three hundred-plus dollars in long-distance phone charges) my fever broke, and for the first time in two and a half weeks, I had hope. It was a miracle. The doctors could not explain the hows and the whys, but I knew. I knew it was the support and prayers of my friends and my family; but most importantly, that voice within, Archangel Raphael.

For when I asked, invoked, and allowed the healing energy of Raphael, healing took place. I was open and receptive, and that is what saved my life. That evening I had made a deal with the Universe. I promised to be open and willing if I could just see a sign that I would be okay, that I would really make it through it all. It was the next morning that my fever broke. That was the only sign I needed.

Against doctors’ orders — on the day after Mother’s Day — I checked myself out of the hospital. I had found another way to heal, and I began trusting in the healing powers of Archangel Raphael. I was a medical miracle, and I continued to work with Archangel Raphael’s energy from that day forward. It took me several months to regain my strength and complete health and wholeness. Each day, I visualized an emerald-green energy around me and within me. I continued to ask Archangel Raphael for healing on an emotional and physical level. I asked for healing around the core issue of this illness. Archangel Raphael helped me to see that I had manifested this illness because I was judgmental of myself. I felt unworthy of the unconditional love and acceptance that I needed to feel from within.

The only one who can love me as Spirit loves me, is me. And with that knowledge, I began to heal from the inside out. I continued to listen to that whisper and to this day, I am amazed at what messages lie within. This experience taught me how incredibly powerful Archangel Raphael’s healing energy is. Since that time, Raphael has been by my side and continues to support my students and me. Together we are teaching, those who are open, how to find the healing power within and how to work with the powerful energy of Archangel Raphael.

Value of the Experience: When you invoke Archangel Raphael’s healing energy and ask for healing with an open heart and mind, you’ll receive it. When you allow the healing by opening your heart, you are healed!


EXERCISE: Archangel Raphael – Feel your Heartbeat – Healing Energy

To experience Archangel Raphael’s healing energy, we begin by putting your hands on your heart. As you allow your breath to move naturally through your body, just become an observer of your breath. Don’t try to make it anything different than it is. After observing your breath for a few minutes, I’d like you to then visualize as you breathe. When you breathe in, you breathe in the loving energy of Archangel Raphael. See, hear, feel and know that the beautiful emerald green energy you are breathing in is healing you – mind, body and soul. See it enter in through your nose, and feel the healing energy move through your entire body. Now, on the exhale, hear the breath as it is released from your body and know that you have begun to allow the healing to occur.

Another way to experience Raphael’s energy is to focus on your breath –  and as you breathe in, you breathe in love, life, healing, joy, energy, passion, etc. And as you breathe out, you release and let go of pain, sadness, frustration, anger, fear, guilt, etc.


Now that you have learned how you can bring in the healing energy of Archangel Raphael, I’d like you to begin by doing the invocation at the top of this page. After this, I’d like you to do the above exercise again, but this time, with the song below playing along with your breathing. I want you to feel the difference that music brings into the experience. So, please put your hand on your heart, close your eyes, and listen to the following song as you focus on your breath –  in and out, nice and gently. Let the song take you wherever it is that you go … allow the energy to move through you, healing you as you breathe.

Song by Soul Musician Kris Voelker entitled “Breathing Into Love”


After doing this exercise both without music and then with, I’d like you to journal your awareness of each experience. Just jot down anything that you became aware of. I’d suggest you do this exercise every night this week, before you go to bed, to really connect with Archangel Raphael’s energy of healing. You can choose to do it with music or without, whichever you find to be more powerful for you. And of course remember to journal!

Download the Archangel Raphael: Healing & Restoration 33-Day Guidebook

As an added bonus, I’d like to offer you a downloadable PDF version of my bestselling book, Archangel Raphael: Healing and Restoration – A 33-Day Guidebook.  You are welcome to download and print this Guidebook to use as a journal as you work through this course.

Simply click on the link below to get your copy. Enjoy!


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