Course Description:

Being overweight and dis-ease/illness were my greatest battles.

I spent most of my teens starving myself and wondering why I couldn’t lose weight and be skinny like all the other girls. I was 50 pounds overweight by the time I was 15. At 18, I stared death in the face after giving birth to my first son. At 22, I got a parasite that was alive and well in my body for 4 years. At 27, I was diagnosed with osteopenia. These were definitely battles … and the real battleground was within me. Once I learned that … these battles turned into my greatest teachers. Once I learned to love instead of fight; breathe in instead of push against; open up instead of shut down … my body and I became FRIENDS!

It’s been almost 20 years since I’ve had any major illness or disease. I know it is because I have learned to be in vibrational harmony with my body. We are now BEST FRIENDS!!!!

So, YES, my friend. I get it.

  • I get the weight struggles and the self-esteem issues.
  • I get feeling like you just don’t want to be here another day in the condition you are in.
  • I get the desperation and the emotional abuse you put yourself through.
  • I get the feeling of a diagnosis you can’t heal (or maybe you can).

I GET IT!!!!!!

Now, I am not saying that no physical issues ever come up for me.

I’m saying that I have learned to LISTEN to my body … to hear what it needs, and take the steps necessary to support it. I got tired of the battle. I got tired of the spiritual 2×4 hitting me over the head. I realized: We are a team and I need to treat my body better!

So, throughout this 22-Day LIVE experience and Online Course, I’ll share with you intimate details of my life … and how I moved – and continue to move – out of the shit and into the SHIFT!!!


You must have a strong desire to want most of the following:

  • “Release” the WEIGHT that doesn’t serve you!!! (weight comes in all forms)
  • Love the SKIN YOUR IN!
  • LET GO of the HEAVINESS!
  • Understand your Body’s Language and learn to LISTEN to it.
  • Feel SEXY, Satisfied and Spirited!
  • Think OUTSIDE the box!!


Revival, by definition, is an improvement in the condition or strength of something.

An improvement, recovery, rallying, picking up, amelioration, turn for the better, upturn, upswing, resurgence.

It is exactly what we all want, right?

We want to improve the condition of our body, via Mind * Body * Spirit Alignment!!!


Body Revival Introduction
Body Revival – Lesson 1
Body Revival – Lesson 2
Body Revival – Lesson 3
Body Revival – Lesson 4
Body Revival – Lesson 5
Body Revival – Lesson 6
Body Revival – Lesson 7
Body Revival – Lesson 8
Body Revival – Lesson 9
Body Revival – Lesson 10
Body Revival – Lesson 11
Body Revival – Lesson 12
Body Revival – Lesson 13
Body Revival – Lesson 14
Body Revival – Lesson 15
Body Revival – Lesson 16
Body Revival – Lesson 17
Body Revival – Lesson 18
Body Revival – Lesson 19
Body Revival – Lesson 20
Body Revival – Lesson 21
Body Revival – Lesson 22
Body Revival – Conclusion

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