In this course you will …

  • Release fear and tap into your own psychic skills (everyone’s a little bit psychic)
  • Spot the signs that your loved ones are trying to connect with you
  • Learn how to be present so that you don’t miss the signs
  • Discover the messages from Spirit that are all around you
  • Cultivate a spiritual connection with your deceased loved ones
  • Understand and interpret Spirit’s messages
  • Connect with your beloved pets
  • Heal your grief so that you can truly feel Spirit’s connection
  • Raise your vibration
  • Begin a new journey where the Afterlife is part of your daily life

Course Description:

Join Angel Communicator and Psychic Medium Sunny Dawn Johnston as she shares 30 years of experience working with the Spirit world. The constant theme she receives from all of these divine entities and loved ones is that The LOVE Never Ends.

In this course she will share true and amazing stories from her experience helping thousands of people connect with their loved ones and heal their fear of death/loss as well. This course will bring YOU a real and tangible connection between this world and the Afterlife. No matter who you are or how long your loved one has been in Spirit, YOU can connect with them. If you have a heart connection with someone, you are the very best medium for them … if you can raise your vibration and get out of your own way.

This course will give you hands-on experiential tools to help you heal your heart, connect with your loved ones and ultimately experience this truth: the love never ends. Death in this life does not have to mean goodbye forever; we are all eternally connected to those we deeply care for, and we can continue to love, learn from, and grow with our loved ones. This online course will teach you simple, yet practical steps for developing your connection with the Spirit world.

Changes You Can Integrate Into Your Life After Taking This Course:


The Love Never Ends – Lesson 1
The Love Never Ends – Lesson 2
The Love Never Ends – Lesson 3
The Love Never Ends – Lesson 4
The Love Never Ends – Lesson 5
The Love Never Ends – Lesson 6
The Love Never Ends – Lesson 7
The Love Never Ends – Lesson 8
The Love Never Ends – Lesson 9
The Love Never Ends – Lesson 10
The Love Never Ends – Lesson 11
The Love Never Ends – Lesson 12

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