VIDEO #3. Go Live and Thrive Class 3

https://vimeo.com/512632167/ba06c5526a It’s all about the MARKETING. In this video, Sunny will discuss fear-based marketing verses positive based marketing for your LIVES. You will also learn what a hook, story and call to action are.

VIDEO #2. Go Live and Thrive Class 2

https://vimeo.com/512629613/ecf789be64 In this video, you’ll discover how important it is to know and understand your audience.  Connection, objections, teaching and selling. Learn all about the 4 kinds of objections. Sunny also touches on the tools and technology she uses for her LIVES.

VIDEO #1. Go Live and Thrive Class 1

https://vimeo.com/512627601/642f03e493 In this video, you’ll discover the simplest way to get your message out into the world. Learn a little bit about Sunny and her background and learn all about CONNECTION while doing your LIVES. Learn how to be a good story teller and reflect on who is your audience?

Body Revival – Lesson 22

https://vimeo.com/248504372 Be Affirmative and Complimentary Please note: the video and audio maybe occasionally be out-of-sync due to an issue with the original Facebook presentation. Day 22: Be Affirmative. Be Complimentary … to Yourself and the WORLD You made it to Day 22! Congratulations and welcome. Welcome to the space that will change everything for you. …

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